Process in Opening a Moving Firm

Offering commercial moving companies Houston TX nowadays is a very lucrative service that one could enjoy. If you are planning to take on this job or business, it is better to do some action research first. Some people are already doing this kind of service but they are not protected yet because of the lack of license. In order to incorporate the success of the business, it is important to acquire permits and insurance from the federal government before hitting the road.


Here is quick to learn guide on how to open moving company in Texas:

Branding the business
Surely, there are roster of moving companies already present in the market. If you want your personal business to stand out, you need to think of a better idea. Being competitive in the market is not just about giving super low and cheap service. It should be qualitative at the same time—try to think of a better way on how to improve the services like loading, packing, moving, unpacking and many more, said recently on press conference CEO of leading movers Houston TX, Tom Hopkins.

Acquire training
You don’t perform a job that you are not capable of doing. Although packing and unloading are very basic services in a moving company, you need to gain expertise on the field through acquiring proper training. In this way, you will be equipped with some techniques on how to avoid destroying the property while moving. In short, the training acquired will make you an efficient provider.

Securing an office
In every business, there should be an office or a headquarters. This could serve as your working space to accommodate clients. Since your business will eventually grow, you might need a huge land area in order to house your moving fleet.

Moving trucks
You will need a lot of these. You can start with initial purchase, maybe two or three, and add more later on if you are more than capable of purchasing. After the purchase, make sure that you stick DOT sticker into them. The next thing to do is purchase hauling equipment.

To completely establish that you are a competent provider, make sure that you get insurance. In Texas, the government will require you of carrying $300,000 for auto liability. Not only that, you also need $5,000 for the insurance of the cargo.

License from DOT
In order to operate in your region, you will need the authorization from DOT or Department of Transportation. Texas government also requires all of the movers to register with the DMV – carrier motor division.

Hiring staff
Before you start the operation, hiring staff is really important—drivers, office workers and etc. Put all the staff into training before you start the dry run. Ensure that all of them are highly screened.

Opening a moving company in Texas is not just done hastily. It should be planned and should be executed process by process. The last thing you can do is to make a website for your business for promotional purposes. In this way, your customers could easily find you, wherever they are.

Follow these steps above in order to guide you on the process of opening your first moving business. There is a bright future in this business as many people are moving everyday. The best tip before starting is to read and research about the business to develop your own handling style and execution.

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